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-Sept 25 - Conducting Jury Trials - see below

-Sept 18 - Administrative Order 2020-PR-099 - See below

-Sept 18 - Jury Press Release - See below

-Sept 18 - Conducting Jury Trials 10th Judicial District - see below

- July 2 -Administrative order 20-13 and 2014 - see below

- June 8 - Courtroom Protocols and Public Q&A Phase I - see below

-June 8 - Administrative Order 20-11 rescinding AO 20-05 which instituted a moratorium on residential evictions - see below

-May 7 - Administrative Order No. 20-09 - Resuming Court Operations : A Phased Approach - see below

-April 19 - Procedures for Video Hearings and Trials - Four Documents - See Below

Remove Hearing Process for Everyone
Remove Hearing Process
Video Conference Tips for Everyone
Remove Hearings 10JD for Lawyers

March 27 - Press Release - Court remains open, moves to remove appearances for ALL hearings - see below

-March 25 Family Court Update - see below

-March 23 - Restrictions to Mitigate COVID-19 Spread - Administrative Order 20-06 - see below

-March 20 Updates to District Court Procedures, Implementing Kansas Supreme Court Orders, 2020 PR016 - See below

-March 19 - Update:

The courthouse remains open to individuals with emergency court hearings.

The Clerk’s office is available via phone, email, and fax. Clerk Contact information is available at:

Case payments may still be made online through

- Press Release - March 13, 2020 see below

- Order Regarding Court Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic - See below

Division 15 -

Update, May 29, 2020

Even after in-person hearings are allowed at the Courthouse, remote hearings will continue in Division 15.  Judge Joyce has revised the addition to any order for hearing submitted and he asks attorneys to add the language below.  It issues become contested and the attorneys believe an evidentiary hearing will be necessary, the Court will speak with the parties and attorneys about scheduling the hearing on the contested issue(s).

The notice of hearing shall contain the following statements:

"This hearing will occur remotely. If you wish to participate in teh hearing by video or conference call, please contact Division 15 at 913-715-3890 before the date of the hearing so you can be invited to join the hearing.  Should you fail to do so, the Court will proceed and enter such orders as the Court determines appropriate'

Update, March 13, 2020

Effective March 14, 2020 through May 1, 2020, for all PR, GC, AD and CV cases pending in Division 15, all hearings that are anticipated not to be disputed shall be heard via non-appearance.   Counsel may request a hearing via conference call or video conference when necessary.  All video conferences shall be set up by counsel requesting the hearing. 

Exception: For all CV cases set for an evidentiary hearing before May 1, 2020, the evidentiary hearing will continue to take place in court.

Family Law Cases
March 19,2020

In light of the Kansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-PR-16 issued 3/18/20, the following restricted court operations are effective immediately for family law cases for the Johnson County District Court:

-Only Protection from Abuse and Stalking case hearings will continue to be conducted in person at the Courthouse. Only the parties and their attorneys will be permitted to be in the courtrooms. Witnesses will enter the courtroom when testifying.  Other persons will not be permitted inside courtrooms.

-Hearings that require expeditious handling will be conducted via telephonic hearing or by video conferencing.  Do not assume your currently scheduled hearing is cancelled.  Your assigned court will contact you with further instructions.

-Hearings that do not require expeditious handling will be continued until further order of the court.  Do not assume your currently scheduled hearing is cancelled.  Your assigned court will contact you with further instructions.

-Please contact your assigned court with any questions.  Due to the current circumstances, email contact with your assigned court's administrative assistant is preferred.  You do not need to contact the court to confirm current settings.  You will be contacted if a currently scheduled setting is changed. 

 Johnson County District Attorney's Office

May 14, 2020

Modification to the existing office structure to a single court/division assignment system - see chart below.  All other units in teh office will remain unchanged. Attorney unit specialiation will largely remain unchanged.  Adult trial assistants will also be assigned to one court/division.  Restructure goes into effect on June 1st, 2020.

March 16, 2020

To help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus the District Attorney’s Office is imposing the following policies.  These policies go into effect immediately and will remain in effect till April 1st, 2020.  At that time we will reevaluate whether to extend this policy. 

  1. Discovery  will be picked up at our front desk.
  2. We are suspending all nonessential face to face meetings with the public or  defense attorneys  in our office .  We will continue to have contact with these parties via email or by phone.
  3. The only exceptions to this face to face contact is in preparation for evidentiary hearings.
  4. Law enforcement will be permitted to enter to perform essential duties.

Stephen M.  Howe

Johnson County District Attorney

Kansas - Office of Administrative Hearings

Mar 23, 2020

Gov. Laura Kelly directed that all Exectutive brand offices, including OAH, will be closed from March 23 - April 5, 2020 to reduce the spared of COVID-19.  All hearings and prehearing conferences scheduled during this two week period are cancelled and will be rescheduled.  OAH tentatively is scheduled to reopen on April 6, 2020.

To ensure access to OAH during this time, documents and exhibits may be submitted in one of three ways:

- Use the e-filing system if you are an approved e-filer.  If you are not an approved e-filer, you may access the e-filing system by completing the E-Filing Terms of Use Agreement.  This Agreement is located at the "Resources" tab on the OAH website.

-Use to send documents and exhibits to OAH.  This temporary email address will be monitored by OAH staff while OAH is closed.

- File by fax at 785-296-4848

Cheryl L. Whelan
Director & Administrative Law Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings

Kansas Court Updates

July 17- Administrative Order 2020-11 - see below

May 2 - Administrative Orders:

2020-PR-044 - Reissuing Administrative Order 2020-PR-36 under Governor's April 30 2020 State of Disaster Emergency Declaration - see below

2020-PR-45 Authorizing Two-Way Audio-Visual Communication in Any Court Proceeding - see below

2020-PR-046 - Suspending Deadlines and Time Limitations Under KSA 2019 Supp 22-3402 - see below

2020-PR-47 - Suspending Deadlines and Time Limitations in Judicial Proceedings - see below

2020-PR-048 - Order Relating to District Court Operations in Counties Not Affected by a Stay-At-Home Order or Subject to a Directive Closing a County Courthouse or Other Judicial Office - see below


April 17 - US District Court Kansas - Administration Order 2020-06 - see below

April 10, 2020 - U.S. District Court, District of Kansas Administrative Order 2020-5: grand jury proceedings due to COVID-19. see below

April 9 - Gov. Kelly Executive Order regarding Notarization and Witnessing documents remotely. see below

Apr 8, 2020 - Sup. Ct Orders Affecting Attorney Registration & CLE Requirements - see below

Mar 30, 2020 - KS Supreme Court - Order to allow file-stamped copies when docketing an appeal - see below

Also below - Admin Order 2020-RL-027 and KS Supreme Court Rule 2.04

Mar 23, 2020 - Olathe Municipal Court - see below

Mar 21, 2020 - Leavenworth County - see below

Mar 20, 2020 - Kansas Supreme Court - Clarify Emergency Operations by State Courts - see below

Mar 20, 2020 - Wyandotte District Court - see below

Mar 18, 2020 - State Courts on Emergency Operations Until Further Order - see order

Mar 18, 2020 - Olathe Municipal Court - see below

Mar 18, 2020 - Leavenworth Courthouse - see below

Mar 18, 2020 - Wyandotte District Court - see below

Mar 18, 2020 - Douglas County Courthouse - see below

Mar 17, 2020 - OP Municipal Court - see below

Mar 17, 2020 - KS Court of Appeals Cancel oral arguments March, April - see below

Mar 16, 2020 - Attorney, client protocol established for Kansas Courts - See below

Mar 16, 2020 - Kansas Supreme Court restricts Judicial Center access, cancels Mar oral arguments - see below

16th Judicial Circuit, Jackson County MO

Court Website

Oct 9 - Administrative Order 2020-174 - below

Sept 25 - Administrative Order 2020-166 below

July 27 - Administrative Order 2020-135 - below

June 6 - Administrative Orders 2020-095 and 2020-096 - below

Mar 23, 2020 - Jackson County MO - Court Operations During Covid-19 Stay at Home/Shelter In Place Order and News Release - see below

Mar 20, 2020 - Reporting to Jackson County Detention Center for Sentences of Less than Seven Days - see below

Mar 18, 2020 - Informational Order - How Litigants without attorneys can find their rescheduled hearing date - see below

Mar 17, 2020 - Administrative Order Jackson County 2020-059 - see below

Mar 16, 2020 - Exclusion of Children from Juvenile Court - see below

Mar 12, 2020 - Admin Order 2020-053 COVID-19 - March 12, 2020 - See Below


US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Missouri

- Temporary Suspension of WET Signature Requirement and any In-Person Meeting Requirement - See below



Court Released Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
JoCo_District_Court_-_Family_Court_Guidance_3..pdf PDF (452.14 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
MO_Western_Bankruptcy_Court_Signature_General_.pdf PDF (88.9 KB) Administration 3/25/2020
Independence_Municipal_Court_-_Update_3242020.pdf PDF (85.17 KB) Administration 3/24/2020
JoCo_District_Court_-_AO_20-06_Emergency_Opera.pdf PDF (717.09 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
JoCo_Public_Health_Officer_Stay_at_Home_Order_.pdf PDF (160.24 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Olathe_-_COVID-19_Memorandum_for_Release_to_Jo.pdf PDF (94.79 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Jackson_Cournty_MO_-_Admin_Order_2020-064_Cour.pdf PDF (107.42 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Leavenworth_-_order03212020.pdf PDF (161.21 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
KS_Sup_Ct_2020-PR-024.pdf PDF (345.99 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Jackson_County_MO_-_News_Release_-_Court_Opera.pdf PDF (125.4 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Leavenworth_-_order03212020.pdf PDF (161.21 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
Jackson_County_MO_-_Admin_Order__2020-063__Jai.pdf PDF (119.24 KB) Administration 3/23/2020
WYCODA_COVID-19_Response_Update_3202020.pdf PDF (424.25 KB) Administration 3/21/2020
JoCo_District_Court_-_Implementing_KS_Supreme_.pdf PDF (91.83 KB) Administration 3/21/2020
Kansas_Supreme_Court_2020PR16.pdf PDF (1.15 MB) Administration 3/20/2020
Jackson_County_MO_-_Admin_Order_2020-063_Jail_.pdf PDF (119.23 KB) Administration 3/20/2020
JoCo_District_Court_-_Family_law_cases_3192020.pdf PDF (96.47 KB) Administration 3/19/2020
JoCo_District_Court_-_Docket_Information_3.16..pdf PDF (138.06 KB) Administration 3/19/2020
KS_Courts_-_State_courts_on_emergency_operatio.pdf PDF (135.91 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
WycoDA_Office_Coronavirus_Price_Gouging_Final.pdf PDF (126.29 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
WyCo_DA_Office_Coronavirus__002_.pdf PDF (268.81 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
Jackson_County_MO_News_Advisory_-_How_litigant.pdf PDF (121.23 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
Douglas_County_-_Administrative_Order_20-17.pdf PDF (132.27 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
Wyandotte_County_Courthouse_-_03182020.pdf PDF (81.7 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
Olathe_Municipal_Court_-_COVID-19_Memorandum_f.pdf PDF (83.09 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
Leavenworth_County_-_3182020.pdf PDF (110.12 KB) Administration 3/18/2020
2020-059_JACKSON__COUNTY_STATE_OF_MISSOURI_-CO.pdf PDF (126.82 KB) Administration 3/17/2020
OP_Municipal_Court_3172020.pdf PDF (64.89 KB) Administration 3/17/2020
KS_Ct_Appeals_canceled_oral_arguments_in_Mar_&.pdf PDF (81.34 KB) Administration 3/17/2020
Sup_Ct_MO_order_in_response_to_COVID-19____3-1.pdf PDF (145.86 KB) Administration 3/16/2020
KS_Supr_Ct_restricts_Judicial_Center_access_-_.pdf PDF (134.13 KB) Administration 3/16/2020
Client_Protocol_for_KS_Courts_-_March_16_2020.pdf PDF (123.73 KB) Administration 3/16/2020
20-01_Exclusion_of_children_from_juvenile_cour.pdf PDF (139.28 KB) Administration 3/16/2020
10JD_Press_Release_3.13.2020.pdf PDF (303.4 KB) Administration 3/13/2020
10JD_AO_20-02.pdf PDF (1.9 MB) Administration 3/13/2020
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