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Johnson County Bar Foundation Grant Application
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Johnson County Bar Foundation
Grant Policies and Guidelines

Mission Statement: "Lawyers Helping the Community. By promoting, on behalf of the legal profession, good works which advance our local system of justice, or support children and family related charities and organizations.” In support of this mission the Foundation strives to support the local community.
1. Requirements and limitations which apply to grant requests
The following requirements and limitations shall apply to all organizations/charities
applying for a grant:
a)     Organization/charity must be a 501(c) (3) organization/charity or state/local governmental agency;
b)    Organization/charity may not directly serve religious, political or lobbying purposes;
c)     No individuals shall be eligible for a grant with the exception of scholarships and/or prizes; and
d)    Grants will not be made for fund raising activities.

2. Grant making priorities
Priority shall be given to applications which meet one or more of the following criteria:

a)     Organizations/charities which provide charitable services to the Johnson County community;
b)    Organizations/charities that advance our local system of justice;
c)     Organizations/charities that support our local children; and
d)    Organizations/charities that support our local families.

3. Grant making standards
Applications will be evaluated by the following standards:

a)     The experience of the potential grant recipient;
b)    That the funds do not replace existing resources;
c)     The other funding sources of the potential grant recipient;
d)    Special needs of the requesting organization;
e)     Whether the requested grant services can be used as an example for other organizations; and
f)     The specific purpose for which the funds will be utilized; and
g)  Previous grants received by the requesting agency and documentation that those funds were used in a manner consistent with the requested purpose.
These standards are not listed in any particular order of importance. Each grant application should include a statement of how the grant relates to the Foundation’s Mission Statement and purposes.

4. Application and review procedures
Applications for grants shall be reviewed once per year. All applications for grants must be submitted/received no later than April 15th at 5:00 p.m. in the Johnson County Bar Association Office. No late application may be accepted. The applications shall be reviewed by the Grant Review Committee and the Committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Foundation Board at the May Board meeting. Following the May Board meeting, grant awards will be announced and a report shall then be generated to all applicants. When an application is denied, the Foundation does not ordinarily provide an explanation. Such a decision does not reflect on the merit of the proposal. Limited funds require that the Foundation restrict its grants to those organizations whose objectives are most closely related to the purposes of the Foundation. Provisions may be made for emergency applications. The Foundation Board may rescind the grant at the Board’s discretion.
Please also forward to the following attachments with the grant application: Confirmation of the organization’s tax exempt status and the organization’s Federal Tax ID Number.
The Board reserves the right to request additional information as may be deemed necessary by the Foundation. Please make certain to provide the name, address and telephone number of your primary contact person.

To proceed with the grant application, please complete the electronic form below or click HERE for a PDF form.

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