JCBA Live Webinar Panel Videos

We have been hosting live webinars with panel guests including Judges from Johnson County and Kansas, the local District Attorneys and Officers from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.  

These webinars were filmed and below are links to the recordings. Additionally, notes taken by Katherine Stocks, Court Administrator have been included at the bottom of the page.  

A Special Thank you!
A big 'thank you' goes to all the Judges, District Attorneys, the Sheriff's Office and Katherine for participating in these panel discussions and for their continued work during this challenging time.   


April 6, 2020  |  Kansas Judges - Supreme Court, Appeals Court and Johnson County District Court


April 14, 2020 | Criminal Judges, Johnson Count District Court


April 15, 2020 |  Family Judges, Johnson County District Court


April 17, 2020  |  Civil Judges, Johnson County District Court 


April 20, 2020  |  Probate and Care/Treatment Judges, Johnson County District Court


April 22, 2020  |  District Attorneys from Johnson and Wyandotte County

April 29, 2020  |  Johnson County's Sheriff Calvin Hayden and Undersheriff Doug Bedford

May 8, 2020  |  Johnson County Board of County Commissioners; Chairman Ed Eilert and Comm. Janee Hanlick

June 8, 2020  |  Chief Judge Kelly Ryan, Johnson County District Court

2020 - Webinar Panels

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Civil_Forum_Notes_4.17.2020.pdf PDF (167.4 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
Criminal_Panel_Notes_-_Apr_14.pdf PDF (264.55 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
Family_Court_Forum_4.15.2020.pdf PDF (127.61 KB) Administration 4/21/2020
Probate_Dept_Joco_District_Court_-_Four_things.pdf PDF (64.37 KB) Administration 4/21/2020