CLE with Judge Scott May 18 2018

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Review the Legislative and Case Law History of the Stalking Statute

CLE: May 18, 2018  |  12pm

County Admin Building, Olathe


Speakers: Judge Bob Scott, Johnson County District Court; Tricia Bath, Bath and Edmonds; Chris Brown, Gyllenborg and Brown; Wayne Olson, Hartland Mediation and the Limited Action Mediation Program.

CLE - Judge Scott 2018

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2017 Kansas Senate Bill No 281 Kansas Eighty-S.pdf PDF (197.37 KB) Administration 5/17/2018
Stalking Statutes.pdf PDF (18.12 MB) Administration 5/16/2018
CLE Stalking outline.docx DOCX (324.84 KB) Administration 5/16/2018