Smart Start, Inc. is the preferred interlock Partner of JCBA.  Simply put, they want to be our member's one stop solution for Alcohol Monitoring.From Ignition Interlock to portable alcohol monitoring, our comprehensive product suite covers your client needs and risk-levels, while SmartWeb™ puts you in control of monitoring.

Ignition Interlock

  • Dependable, affordable, and discreet solutions for DUI requirements


  • Reliable, robust portable monitoring for higher-risk clients.


  • Portable, app-based monitoring in a small & discreet device.


  • Our reliable case-management software that lets you monitor your client with the click of a mouse.

Smart Start & JCBA – A True Partnership! - learn more here

Just by referring your clients to Smart Start, you can receive a referral payment based on the number of clients that install a Smart Start device! Interested? Please see contact information below.

** New Promotion **

Free install, removal and 1st month - up to $150 in savings! - Details below



Fred Porterfield, Business Development Representative
Cell: 913-702-5711

BPrn - SmartStart

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