JoCo Bar

Serving the legal community since 1938

The Johnson County Bar Association (JoCo Bar) has been in existence since 1938, and has been a valuable resource for our legal professionals and community-at-large. From continuing legal education to member services, we are dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals, and to increasing our community's understanding and appreciation of the legal system.

The JoCo Bar has over 1300 members and we welcome judges, attorneys and those in supporting roles in law firms to join us and contribute to our success.  The More the Merrier!

Latest Issue - BarLetter

Take a look at JoCo Bar's latest issue of our BarLetter Magazine.


Bar luncheons - we've gone virtual!

We held our second Virtual Bar Luncheon on August 12th!  With over 100 people online viewing the event, we thank KU Assoc. Prof. Patrick Miller for his informative presentation on all things politics and local elections!

Click the graphic to see recording.