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"Networking through JCBA isn't just's sharing knowledge and interest in bettering the legal representation we give our clients"

If you ask the country's top legal professionals what the single most important factor is in determining an attorney's success, chances are, they'll say it's the connections.

Premium Memberships (see graphic below):

  • Patron Member - All CLE's and Bench/Bar Conference Free, and featured on the JoCo Bar Website (see below)
  • Premium Member - All CLE's Free - see below
  • Premium Member YLS - Attorneys 36 yrs and under, or first 4 years in practice - All CLE's free

Traditional Memberships:

  • Regular Active Member - Practicing for 4 or more years
  • Regular YLS Member - Attorneys 36 yrs and under, or first 4 years in practice, includes discounted CLE's
  • New Lawyer - 1st Year of Practice
  • New Lawyer - 2nd Year of Practice
  • New Lawyer - 3rd Year of Practice
  • Affiliate Member - Public Defender, Public Service or Non-Profit Attorney.  Non-Lawyer working for the court or in a law firm
  • Law Student
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