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Creed of Professional Conduct & Bar Goals

Creed of Professional Conduct of The Johnson County Bar Association

I promise, in all legal matters entrusted to me, I shall strive to provide my best efforts in representing my clients, realizing, however, that in so doing, civility and courtesy shall at all times be extended to my clients, to my fellow attorneys, and to the courts and tribunals in which I practice.

Tenets of Professional Conduct of The Johnson County Bar Association

A.   With respect to my clients:
  1. I shall seek to resolve, not prolong, legal disputes, without lessening my duty to serve my client’s interests;
  2. I shall advise my clients that civility and courtesy in my professional conduct are not to beequated with weakness; and,
  3. I shall counsel my clients not to pursue litigation or legal action that appears without merit or which is intended solely to harass the opposing party or delay the expeditious resolution of the cause.
B.  With respect to opposing parties and their counsel:
  1. I shall be courteous and civil in all written or oral communications;
  2. I shall not knowingly make untrue or misleading statements of fact or law; and,
  3. I shall treat opposing counsel as I wish to be treated, by agreeing to reasonable extensions in legal matters, by seeking to minimize the emotional and financial cost of litigation to the parties, and by seeking sensible resolution of disputes, whenever possible.
C.  With respect to the courts and other tribunals:
  1. I shall be vigorous in my representation of my clients, recognizing however, that as an officer of the Court, excessive zeal may be detrimental to both my clients and our system of justice;
  2. I shall refrain from filing frivolous causes or motions and shall always seek to resolve disputes with opposing counsel by agreements, whenever possible; and,
  3. I shall provide the Court and opposing counsel with advance notice of scheduled matters or matters which must be rescheduled.
D.  With respect to the public and our system of justice:
  1. I shall work to protect and improve the image of the legal profession in the eyes to the public;and,
  2. I shall be mindful that the law is a learned profession and that its goals include improving our system of justice, providing public service, and assisting those citizens who cannot afford legal help.
Adopted March 1989 
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