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Capital Campaign

Thank you to our Brilliant Capital Campaign Donors

Pillars of the Bar:

Hon. Karen Arnold-Burger

Berkowitz Cook Gondring Driskell & Drobeck, LLC

Breer Law Firm, LLC

Sarah Carmody Law, LLC

Colantuono Bjerg Guinn Keppler LLC

Cross Law Firm, LLC

Andy DeMarea, Trial Attorney

Geiger Prell

German May PC

Gyllenborg & Brown, PA

Jones McCoy, PA

Juris, LLC

Mann Tucker Muir, LLC

Manson Karbank McClaflin

J. Brett Milbourn

Norton Hare, LLC

ParksClevenger LLC

Payne & Jones, Chartered

Property Law Firm

Roth Davies, LLC

Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, PC

Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman

Smith Mohlman Injury Law, LLC

Spencer Fane LLP

The Layne Project, Inc

Thilges & Bernhardt

Wallace Saunders

Supporters of the Bar:

Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation

Ferree, Bunn & Ridgway

Foulston Siefkin

Hovey Williams

Jean Wise, Past President

Martin Pringle Oliver Wallace & Baucer

McConwell Law Offices

Shuttleworth Law Firm

H. Reed Walker

Friends of the Bar:

Charles Andres

Biesterveld & Crook

Burke McClasky Stevens

Hon. Chuck Droege

Angela Gupta

Hunter Law Group

James R Shetlar Law Offices

Marcia Montgomery

Hon. T. Kelly Ryan

Tiffany McFarland

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