2020 Judicial Review and Evaluations

2020 Judicial Evaluations

The Johnson County Bar Association (JCBA) has released the results of its 2020 Judicial Evaluations.  As a service to the community, JCBA developed the survey in order to provide meaningful information for voters to assess the performance of district court judges, particularly those up for retention in November’s general election.

1.      Survey Overview

·         The Johnson County Bar Association emailed surveys to 4,278 lawyers with registered offices in Johnson County.

·         415 surveys were returned, and this quantity was well above the number needed to achieve a 95% confidence level with a 5% margin of error, which are research industry standards.  Therefore, these results are considered representative of the surveyed population.

·         Lawyers were asked to evaluate judges with whom they had personal experience.

·         Survey data was kept confidential and managed by a third party.

2.      Retention Results for only those Judges Appearing on the November 2020 Ballot

J udge's Name Yes - Should be RetainedNo - Should not be Retained
 KS Supreme Court
Justice. Eric Rosen94%6%
KS Court of Appeals
Hon. Karen Arnold-Burger89%11%
Hon. Gordon Atcheson86%14%
Hon. David Bruns100%0%
Hon. Kathryn Gardner83%17%
Hon. Sarah Warner100%0%
 Johnson County District Court 
Hon. Paul Burmaster92%8%
Hon. Brenda Cameron83%17%
Hon. J. Charles Droege95%5%
Hon. James Phelan93%7%
Hon. Thomas Sutherland97%3%
Hon. James Vano89%11%
Hon. Robert Wonnell94%6%

The full survey results can be found below.

If you have any questions, please email Tracey DeMarea, JCBA Executive Director at tdemarea@jocobar.org

2020 Judicial Evaluation

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2020_Kansas_Supreme_Court_results.pdf PDF (226.95 KB) Administration 9/3/2020
2020_Kansas_Court_of_Appeals_results.pdf PDF (213.46 KB) Administration 9/3/2020
2020_District_Court_results.pdf PDF (280.84 KB) Administration 9/3/2020