Mentorship Program


Joco Bar is trialing a Mentorship Program in 2019, bringing together more established lawyers with less experienced attorneys to share learning, experiences and knowledge.

 Who Can Apply?

  • Open to all JoCo Bar members enrolled in at least one Section.
  •  Mentors - attorneys licensed for five or more years.
  • Mentees - young and/or new lawyers from any practice background.

Why Apply?

  • The Mentoring Program is FREE to JoCo Bar Members!
  •  Helps strengthen our legal community and fosters relationships between attorneys who may not have otherwise had a change to get to know each other.


New Member Benefit for 2019!

Its Fun and Its FREE to JoCo Bar Members!




Mentorship Program 2019

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Mentee_Application_-_2019_-_fillable_Updated_p.pdf PDF (230.18 KB) Administration 1/30/2019
Mentor_Application_-_2019_-_fillable_Updated_p.pdf PDF (151.08 KB) Administration 1/30/2019
Mentorship_Page_-_overview.pdf PDF (396.81 KB) Administration 1/30/2019